Twisty glass blunts and glass joints

Twisty Glass blunt

Twisty glass blunts and glass joints

Twisty glass blunts have made rolling a blunt to never be the same again. Easily pack up to 1.5 grams of herbal flower into the glass tube and twist the screw counter-clockwise into the tube.

Get twisty glass Blunt Kit Bundle Glass New Blunt For Dry Herbs Cigarette Paper Easy To Use Clean And Gift Case

After that, all you need to do is light the end and puff, puff, pass. To ash your herbs, simply twist the screw clockwise and the ash will get pushed out the glass leaving fresh herbs for your next session.

7pipe have engineered the Twisty Glass Blunt to have a unique infini-cherry to avoid having to light the blunt before every hit. Each Twisty Glass Blunt comes with a premium 2mm thick German-engineered SCHOTT’s glass that is ready to give you a clean hit every time.

The Twisty Glass Blunt can also be inserted and used with any 14mm bong! The Twisty Glass Blunt is perfect for medicating on-the-go.

What’s in the twisty glass blunt box?

1 Twisty Glass Blunt

1 Microfiber bag

1 Cleaning Brush

2 Rubber Caps

Glass blunts are really the coolest and easy to use  smoking bong ever to come on the weed marketing accessories . All you basically have to do is stuff some weed into the tube and you’re ready to go. If you leave a little sticking out of the end you can light it up and keep it lit just like you would a joint or blunt. Just ash it and push out a little more cannabis each time want to spliff.

Problems  Faced With Use of Glass Blunts

The secondary tube doesn’t fit into the primary tube and so it falls apart all the time.
The secondary tube gets clogged/puts resin all over my mouth and lips.
It’s not always easy to get the last bit of weed out of the tube, leaving you needing a tool.
No way to carry it around.

Unlike other smoking accessories  which are Plain and boring. blunt has Just 2 tubes and a plastic ring. With it’s golden stylish storage box, you are obviously the man!

If you picked up the 7Pipe, A Twisty Glass Blunt, you will quickly notice how portable and fashionable it is to have on you as a weed smoking trendy accessory.

Celebrities have been  spotted using twity glass blunt on a regular basis all over the state. It has hit the slopes in Breckenridge, crashed a pajama party at Marriott and even joined in for a brunch with friends.

Tactical Flashlight

tactical flashlight for ar15

Tactical Flashlight

A tactical flashlight can be an important tool in your everyday carry toolbox, but doing a quick Google search for the best tactical flashlights won’t do you much good if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for in the first place.


Depending on what you do for a living or what you require from your gear, flashlights that are too small may not be bright enough if you work in security, law enforcement, or in consistently dark environments, and won’t help much in the way of self defense. In contrast, tactical flashlights on the larger side won’t be as EDC-friendly as their smaller counterparts and will be much more difficult to carry in your pocket.

The best tactical flashlight not only sheds plenty of light on a dark situation, but it also provides plenty of functionality, is built like a tank, and can provide a valuable means of self defense in a situation that surely requires it. Whatever your candlepower requirements, and no matter your budget, i’m sure you’ll find a suitable tactical flashlight on this list that not only meets your EDC needs, but also your tactical objectives.

Tactical flashlight review

Tactical flashlight amazon

Surefire tactical flashlight

Tactical police flashlight

Finding the best  tactical police flashlight is can be challenging if you are new to flashlights best for tactical self defense.

To help you choose the best law enforcement flashlight you are going to need to look for certain things.

Accessories are one of the most important things to look for when looking for the best flashlights for police. What kind of accessories you are after will honestly depending upon how you plan to use your flashlight.

Gun mounts are often considered a necessity on tactical police flashlights, while different lenses and diffusers are a requirement for a regular police duty flashlight. In addition to accessories police led flashlights need to have several different modes to choose from.

Simply buying the brightest police flashlight on the market is not always the best choice, you want one that allows you to control the brightness levels, as well as switch into strobe mode.

Tactical flashlight self defense

Tactical flashlight walmart

Tactical flashlights from walmart  are just as good as those ordered from other popular suppliers, however if you want more durabilityand feature-rich tactical flashlights then you are better shopping around and see whether walmart flashlights are good for your needs.

Tactical flashlight rechargeable

Tactical flashlight for ar15

The term “AR-15” signifies “Armalite rifle, design 15” which was designed by ArmaLite as a selective fire weapon for military purposes. It is the only weapon of its kind available in a left-handed model for left-handed people to shoot at ease. When unloaded, it weighs 7 pounds, plus the 30-round magazine and attached scope.

Customization options like these are what make the rifle so popular with gun owners. The base for the AR-15s are the same; then we can add flashlights, scopes and other accessories to design their rifle for its specific use such as hunting at the range or for home protection.

Basically, having a tactical flashlight is essential because if you have to hit someone with the light, it frees up your other hand for defense while preserving you ability use your last resort if necessary and with the same hand.

Tactical LED High Perfomance Flasshlight-Rail Lock Mount

  • Features  SureFire X300 Ultra Series LED WeaponLights with TIR Lens
  • Special off-white high-performance LED produces 600 lumens, biased in the yellowish-green spectrum optimal for human vision
  • Precision TIR lens creates a smooth, tight beam with enough surround light for peripheral illumination
  • Integral, ergonomic one-finger ambidextrous momentary – and constant -on switching
  • Features quick-detach Rail-Lock system for rapid and secure attachment/detachment
  • Accepts optional pressure-activated switches for precision control without altering grip on weapon
  • Special off-white high-performance LED produces 600 lumens, biased in the yellowish-green spectrum optimal for human vision
  • Precision TIR lens creates a smooth, tight beam with enough surround light for peripheral illumination